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He’s Dead and I’m Glad …

Sounds pretty rough, right? I mean, who would you say that about? Can you imagine Jesus ever saying that? I recently asked about a half dozen followers of Jesus what they thought about Jesus saying, “He’s dead and…I’m glad.” None could believe Jesus would say that about an enemy, much less a friend. Yet He actually did say that about one of his best friends.

Jesus was actually talking to His disciples about Lazarus (the event is recorded in John 11 if you would like to read it firsthand.) The whole statement is actually, “He’s dead and I’m glad for your sakes, so that you might believe.” His point is one we often struggle with ourselves. We see things as an end or tragically hopeless when God sees an opportunity.

Talk about an incredible opportunity! Lazarus had been dead for 4 days. They didn’t embalm bodies like they do today so the body would have started decomposition and the stench would have been nearly unbearable. You know the smell. Like when you accidentally hit that road kill animal that has been there a few days and the stink permeates everything. I know last fall when it happened to me it took 3 days to get the smell out of my truck even after I washed it.

Lazarus’s situation was beyond hopeless. They all knew Jesus could heal. He had even raised the dead, but those had been soon after death, not four days later. Who even had an idea what Lazarus would look like after that long?

Sometimes we face situations that feel beyond hopeless. Your career just isn’t working out the way you had planned or dreamed. Maybe your relationships are crumbling and things are spiraling beyond even a miracle. It could be our finances or our health are not just hopeless, they are beyond hopeless. Or maybe we have ventured four days worth into the “stink.” It’s so bad we know the stench of our situation will never come off us. A series of bad decisions or our friends have led us down a path we wished we had never walked. Now we feel like we will be labeled for life.

Have hope my friends! Jesus has been waiting for situations just like yours to prove His power and deliverance. When things are hopeless for us, God is at His best. It is then He does His miracles in a way we all know it was only God doing it. Keep your faith, sometimes God is glad you’ve ended up where you are, if only so He can prove once again He is still God.

Believing God is proving over and over He is still God of your situations!


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