God’s Friend – Abraham

HEROES: Amazing stories of faith

God’s Friend – Abraham

The Bible records the events of people’s lives for us to learn from. So many have stories of amazing faith. This week we will look at Abraham, the father of faith as we know it.  Abraham was considered a friend of God, ever wondered why? Learn how by faith Abraham trusted God to go without knowing where, believe even when the answer looked out of reach, and act on what he believed.  Genesis chapters 12-22; Hebrews 11:8-19; James 2:20-24    February 7, 2021  a.m.


Heroes Amazing Stories of Faith: God’s Friend Abraham

Key Texts: Genesis 12-22

Hebrews 11:8-19

James 2:20-24


God’s Friend – Abraham

While Abraham was chosen by God, he was far from perfect. Here are 12 major events in his life. Place a + by the good things and a minus by the bad things.

  1. God calls Abraham to leave his relative and go to the promised land, and he does.   Gen. 12
  2. Abram lies about his wife and allows Pharaoh to take her as his wife in exchange for wealth. Gen 12: 10-20
  3. Abram give Lot the choice of land (he chooses the best part) and Abram quietly takes the other.  Gen 13
  4. Abram rescues Lot when he is taken captive.  14:1-17
  5. Abram gives 1/10 of everything to Melchizedek (priest of God most high and king of salem) 14:18-24
  6. Abram has sex with Sarai’s slave Hagar and produces Ishmael Gen 16
  7. Covenant of Circumcision with name changes,  blessing over Ishmael  Gen 17
  8. Abraham entertains 3 visitors and believes their prophecy Gen 18
  9. Abraham pleads for Sodom Gen 18:16-33
  10. Abraham lies about Sarah as his sister, again. Gen 20:11-13
  11. Abraham sends Ishmael and Hagar away Gen 21:8-21
  12. Abraham tested with Isaac  Gen 22:

What made Abraham so special?

His faith.   Abraham believed and it was credited to him as righteousness: Abraham did not have a culture of faith.

  • By faith he left his home to go to a place where he would later receive his inheritance even though God did not reveal to him where he was going.
    • Hebrews 11:8-10
    • Sometimes God will ask you to take a step of faith to follow Him even though He hasn’t shown you the destination.
  • By faith, he trusted God to fulfill the promises even though they seemed out of reach
    • Hebrews 11:11-13
    • Four promises in the Abraham covenant
  • By faith, Abraham acted on what he believed.
    • Hebrews 11:17-19
    • James 2:20-24

How will you act on what you believe?

Does your faith have works or is it dead?


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