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The Eyes Have It

One of the most frustrating things we endure is not being able to see clearly.   I recently had an exam for new contacts and had an adjustment made. During the day with plenty of light I see well enough, however, night time brings a whole different view. By dark my left eye is blurred and sometimes sees double.   So if you see me shutting my left eye, I’m not winking at you.

Jesus talked about our eyes. He knew our eyes were important to us so He healed eyesight, and talked about what we see. Matthew 6 records a statement about eyes that has been interpreted many ways.
“The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness….”

The word for “good” literally means “single” in Greek. That could lend to several ways to look at this passage. One being that if you view reality you will be healthy, but if you see things in a mixed way distorting reality (or for many their own version of reality) you won’t be healthy but full of darkness.

Ever interacted with those who have their own view of reality? They usually end up lonely, depressed, alienated and dark. Those who view reality clearly more often find ways to cope and deal with it, even when reality is bleak.

My friend Lynn received bad news regarding his medical condition. He demonstrated spiritual health by staying strong in His faith and praying for a miracle while at the same time facing reality that if God didn’t suspend the laws of nature he had only a short time to live. He used his final months to plan and leave a legacy for the time when God took him on to heaven.

Those who listen or read my work know I’m pretty insistent on using proper hermeneutics. This passage is sandwiched between two statements about money so it would lend you to believe the main purpose Jesus was talking about had to do with our view regarding money and wealth.

I used to go to church with a guy who flipped houses. He would often brag about how he would hide structural damage and major issues with a house so the new owners would be stuck with the problem and he would make more money.   This is exactly what Jesus was talking about. Compromising our integrity to serve or make money is not kingdom action. You can’t serve God while acting in direct contrast to God’s character.  His vision was blurred, not singular.

Jesus didn’t have a problem with people who had money or earned it with integrity. He was friends with several wealthy people as well as poor. Money or lack of wasn’t a requirement for His friendship. His issue was being single minded in serving God.

I hope you can find a way to honor God while earning, investing and spending your money. Allow God’s Word and His Holy Spirit to guide you in paths of righteousness.

As for me, it’s a trip back to see the doctor to get my single vision back. Hope you see a bit more clearly.


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